Should the implementation of School Suspension continue as a punishement for students?

I think that school suspension as a punishment for students is ridiculous. I think that it’s just a way for administrators to get students out of their hair. Administrators think that they are punishing their studetns and teaching them a lesson by giving them a certain amount of days to stay out of school. What they don’t realize is that students don’t care. Some actually look forward to a suspension. To them, it is a mini-vacation. Many of these students are home during the day by themselves because their parents are at work so they can do whatever they want. I think that instead of the administrators giving students a suspension sentence, they should keep them in school and take away extracurricular activities or put them in a class away from all of their peers to teach them a lesson.


1 Response to “Should the implementation of School Suspension continue as a punishement for students?”

  1. 1 Tae da boo
    September 21, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    This sounds about right… In school suspension in way worse then regular suspension where the student gets to sleep, eat and watch tv all day long. This day and age suspension is used more then before/after school detention which I think half the stuff students get suspended for now a days require. Imagine a disruptive child having to be dropped off or picked up 30mins to an hour before/after school for five days! The parents would be so pissed from day one thru five that student would be in so much trouble they would prob never do it again.

    I know many would say, “The parents shouldnt be punished too.” but that is the only way to make sure disipline/punishment in school and home are taking place. This will also bring the parent into the school so that someone can get to know them because many parents don’t visit the school until something bad happens.

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