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OHHHH the Spaces I write in!!!

Three writing spaces that I use most frequently are my journal, Microsoft Word, and Myspace. Though they all are facets used for writing, each one plays their own individual part when I write.

            My journal is my personal outlet. I use this writing space when I have an important thought or idea that I want to remember so that I can later expound on it. I feel comfortable writing in my journal because I can be truthful with my feelings and emotions. I know that no one is judging my grammar or ideas.

            Microsoft Word is my professional outlet. I only use this writing space when writing papers, business letters, or memos. Once I begin to type in Microsoft Word, I begin to focus more on the mechanics of my writing instead of the ideas.

            Myspace is my social outlet. I use this writing space to communicate with family members and friends. I write updates on my life and send messages to keep them informed.