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Should the implementation of School Suspension continue as a punishement for students?

I think that school suspension as a punishment for students is ridiculous. I think that it’s just a way for administrators to get students out of their hair. Administrators think that they are punishing their studetns and teaching them a lesson by giving them a certain amount of days to stay out of school. What they don’t realize is that students don’t care. Some actually look forward to a suspension. To them, it is a mini-vacation. Many of these students are home during the day by themselves because their parents are at work so they can do whatever they want. I think that instead of the administrators giving students a suspension sentence, they should keep them in school and take away extracurricular activities or put them in a class away from all of their peers to teach them a lesson.


Should Metal Detectors and Searches be Implemented in Schools?

I think not. After school shooting tragedies like Columbine and other school incidents, schools have been more aware of the safety of their students. Some school officials have laced their schools with metal detectors  which kids have to walk through every morning and afternoon in hopes that they will be able to catch students who are carrying weapons on them. Some schools also have locker searches at least once a month and some even check the students backpacks and bags before they even hit the classroom. 

 I understand that school is supposed to be safe and that all of these precautions are to ensure that the school environment is a safe place to be, but don’t school officials think that if they treat the students like criminals, they will soon act like it. Why should students have to be subjected to searches and pat-downs before they even get a chance to learn? 

Here is a video, though it’s dated, still proves my point.


What Does it Mean? Shift Happens

I wanted to share this video called Shift Happens.  This video explains how technology and how the world we live in affects every one of us as Americans, as teachers, as students.  I really think that this explains why teaching is such a difficult job.  It brings up a great point, we are preparing our students for jobs that don’t even exist with technologies that have not been invented to fix problems that we have not yet seen.  Wow, have you thought about that?  That is why we need to provide our students with  a well-rounded and all-inclusive education.  This is just another reason why teaching to the test is so bad.

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Shift happens


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