Is skipping a grade the best way to encourage a gifted and talented child. Some people say yes it is a good idea to promote them to a higher garde. There main reason isthat it helps  reduce their boredome and lack of challenge they might feel with their regular classes. Yes it is a fact that most gifted kids do not like school that much because they don’t feel chellenged enough. They often feel that the work that they are given is too easy, so they often don’t do the work and, this can lead to many behavioral problems.

      But is the answer to this problem mean skipping a grade. Not necessarily skipping a grade can lead to host of other problems  such as, immaturity, poor social adjustment, and slow physical development. Most kids that are pushed a grade or two ahead of their age mates often immature and have a lot of social problems. They find it very difficult to fit in because they are younger so their mind socially has not caught up with thier mental abilities. Therefore thier is a big hole between being smart and being socially developed. This seems like a small issue but unfortunately this can lead to being bullied and isolated in school, and for a young child this can lead to depression and negative views about school.

      Another issue that  can arise from skipping a grade is a false since of superiorty. some gifted kids are aware of their talent early on so they feel special. However for others they might look at that attitude as being snobbish or concieted, and this may even lead to further bullying and isolation.

      Therfore, the child  feeling should be considered before a parent makes the decision on moving him or her ahead, because when it comes down to it they are th e ones who are going to have to deal with all the negative issues of sipping a grade.



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