Technology, technology every where is it good or bad?

The answer to this question depends on the generation that is being asked. The older generation will definitely tell you, that there is nothing good that can come of this new technology. They often base there argument on the fact that people have become lazy and, technology such as texting, e-mails have made peolpe lack social skills. They also say that most people have forgotten how to simply write, because evrything is short and quick.

      Howerver, the younger folks can not seem to get enough technology. They are often looking for the latest and fastest gadget. I know people that will trade in a perfectly good  phone for a newer model just because it claims to be faster and better. Some young people are so confident with their texting ability that they carry it too far and text while they are driving.  Texting and e-mailing have become a way of life just like the telephone was a major wayof communicating back in the days. Technology is not going any where, it is definitely here to stay. We have no choice than to join in on the great adventure of discovery and knowledge called technology. Here is ashort video that will help explain the impact that technology has on society



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