is testing the best method to determine intelligence?

I have often wonderd about this particular question. There are many reasons why giving test is pronbably not the best way to judge a child’s intelligence. Children react differently to testing, some children are very calm and collected and those children often do well on test, while others get very nervouse and extremely agitated and that nervousness will affect the outcome of the test.

      Therefore, does this mean that the children that are calm are more intelligent than the nervouse children. No I don’t think so, it just means that they are better prepared to handle intense situations. Children that get test anxiety are not dumb, they are simply suffering from testing anxiety. This can make them forget the answer to a question that they have studied and know quite well. My son has major test anxiety, every time he has a test I will sit with him the night before and go over similar problems and he would get ninety percent of the questions right. However, when the result of the test would come back he would score seventy percent and, I would wonder why he would score so low when he scored so high at home.  When I asked him he said I don’t know mom, everything just went blank when I saw the test paper. Since then he has gotten a lot better, we both came up with a song to help calm him down before the test. Till this day he has never scored well on the NJASK test, his scores between average to below average. Do I think my son is dumb, no I certainly do not. I see his intelligence in other ways through other things. But as far as the NJASK test is concerned my son is just average. Therefore we have to device other ways to test these kids that have these concerns, we cannot just lable them as average or below average just because they suffer from testing anxiety. Take a moment to look at this video, it shows the anxiety that some high school students have right before they take the SATS. In the video you will meet some students who have taken the test more than one time and some who are not fazed by the test at all.



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  1. July 4, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    You are a gifted writer. It was fun reading your stuff. I have subscribed!

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