How important is cursive in this generation?

       This is a question that perks a lot of interest and generates a lot of opinions, depending on who you ask. Most teachers believe that teaching cursive in schools is still a good idea and should be continued. However, they are very apprehensive about doing so because of the lack of enough time in the normal school day to include cursive as a lesson. Teachers are simply overwhelmed and,  often have their hands full with dealing with other things such as, preparing students for the state test and, teaching students the basic curricullum requirements. So it becomes very difficult for them to adequately fit in a lesson on cursive.

      On the other hand, parents that I have spoken to believe that cursive is a dieing art that should be strongly encouraged in our school system  and, time should be allocated for teaching cursive. They believe that a little time devoted to teaching cursive is better than no time at all. Many supporters of cursive believe that writing in cursive shows a higher level of intelligence and, is required to read most of the important historical text, since  most of them were written in cursive . But I ask do you really need to know how to write cursive to be able to read it, I think that most people can reasonable read cursive without actually having to write it. Cursive writing is definitely a much more beautiful form of penmanship than printing, the way the letters interlock with each other shows a fluidity that you can not achieve in printed words.

      The biggest issue facing any form of writing,  cursive or print is the fact that writing in general is gradually becoming a thing of the past. So the question should really be how can we encourage the younger generation to get back to writing manually?Especially when they have acess to computers. Rarely do you see people writing any moe, people do most of their correspondence on the computer. Therefore, writing it self is in danger and, not necessarily cursive writing but all writing.


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