Are we a society of social network users?

      Yes we are a society of social network users. Majority of us use one form of social netwoking site to communicate with others on a daily basis. According to excerpts from “Brave New World of Digital Intimacy,” by Clive Thompson. He says people use social network sites such as Facebook and Myspace to talk to others about things that are going on in their lives. These things range from silly topics like spilling cofee on your favorite top, or talking about episodes from you favorite shows, to talking about more seriouse issues like meeting the love of your life, the birth of a new baby, or even a death in the family.

      people also use social networking sites to promote their businesses, and meet new people that share similar interest with them.Social network sites are no longer just a phenomenon , it has become a way of life for many peolpe. Nowadays the question is not do you belong to a social network group, people simply ask which socail network do you belong to. When Mark Zuckerman created facebook  three years ago, I am pretty sure he did not imagine that it would be the great communication tool that it has turned out to be. As I mentioned earlier social network sites are now a necessity to keeping in touch with friends and family.Therfore if your are not using one of these social network sites you will definitely be out of the loop , and I see the rise of even more social network sites in the future After all one has to keep up with demand.


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