Should Healthy Vending Machines Replace Junk-filled Vending Machines in Schools?

Obesity in students has become the latest hot school topic on the rise.  Many obese students walk the halls weighing twice their average body weight. These students find it difficult to participate in sports and physical education. Some of the obese students are even plagued with health problems. This is why some school officials believe that the answer to this problem is to replace their old vending machines that are filled with junk food with vending machines that are stocked with healthy snacks.  They feel that by taking away the student’s choice to buy unhealthy foods, the students will automatically begin to make healthy decisions. Though this is a good idea, without educating the students first on how to form healthy eating habits, holes will develop in the plan. Students could begin to bring their own unhealthy snacks to school or trade with other students to still fulfill their craavings.

I believe that the administrators should develop a series of classes dedicated to showing the students how to create  daily healthy nutritional plans which teach them quality over quantity and the importance of exercise. Also, the series should include information on different diseases that accompany obesity and what foods cause these diseases to form. Once the schools arm the students with the knowledge needed to allow them to know why they are choosing the healthy vending machine snacks, the students will begin to make the healthier food choice.


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