What are some ways to motivate students to learn?

the "rewards" of teaching

the "rewards" of teaching

I am currently a junior in college studying Elementary Education. I have been privileged to observe many different classrooms during my semesters and every semester i have found that each teacher that i have carefully observed has implicated their own unique ways to motivate their students with an outward reward(extrinsic motivation) in hopes that their students will develop an inner desire to learn (Intrinsic motivation).

Though i have observed many examples of great rewards, there are 2 examples that i believe stick out the most and will definitely motivate students. The first example was called “postal bear.” This was used in an elementary classroom in which the teacher would have one student each weekend take home the bear and write a letter about  what they did over the weekend. Then the student would bring the bear back to school and the teacher would allow him/her to read their letter and then they would send the letters to the post office. The letters would then be posted in the post office so that the students could see it.

The other great example I observed in a middle school classroom in which the school had come up with a money system for the students. They designed fake money which contained the school mascot in the center. The amounts were 5,10,15,20. Each time the student did their homework or showed good behavior, they were given this fake money with the amount to be determined by their teacher. Then at the end of the year, the “money” that the student earned would go towards their trip.

For more tips go to www.reacheverychild.com.feature/motivation.htm


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