a new way of communicating

A new way of communicating


The three main writing spaces that I use are e-mail, texting and Microsoft word. I find myself using these three writing spaces on a regular basis, but that was not always the case. In the past I was very attached to writing everything down first on a piece of paper. However as time management became a major issue in my life I started to relay on my computer to do most of my correspondenc.

      I found myself writing an average of five to six e-mails a day, and I did all my writing assignments directly on the computer. I found myself relaying less on my old paper and pen method.  Writing e-mails were more efficient and quicker. I really like the fact that I would get instant feed backs, It was also much easier to make correction without having to start all over again.

      E-mails have completely remediated the use of paper and pen for writing mails. Before people would write letters and post it, and it would take a couple of days to get a response. Now people simply write their letters by using e-mail and they get an instant response from the recipient. Text messaging has also remediated the constant use of telephones. Since the introduction of text messaging people no longer use telephone calls as a major way of communicating. Text messaging does exactly the same thing a phone conversation does, you can have a conversation by texting each other back and forth, and it serves the same purpose.(communication)



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