Literacy and Technology Link Response

According to excerpts from “Literacy and Technology lLink,” Cynthia Selfe writes “Technological literacy has become a fundamental to a person being able to navigate through society.” Computer literacy or skill has become the tool for a community to remain competitive and relevant in society.” On February 15, 1996, President Clinton and vice president Gore came up with a Technology Literacy Challenge which states that by the twenty-first century all students will be technologically literate,” writes Cynthia Selfe.
      However, this has not worked out as well for children that are poor, colored are come from low socioeconomic background. These students from this background have less exposure to computer use and technological literacy, than white children that come from affluent communities and higher socioeconomic background says Selfe.
      This form of discrimination goes against the intentions or plans that president Clinton and vice president Gore had envisioned. Providing computer literacy in schools should not be determined by race or status. It should be provided for all Americans on an equal level, unfortunately that is not the case. According to Selfe this inequality will eventually filter to the workforce “black employees are less likely than white employees to use a range of computer applications in their workplace environments,” writes Cynthia Selfe. Here is a short video that explains the impact that technology has on society.

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