What is Your First Official Post?

Writing as Technology” introduce two of the key terms we will be discussing this module: writing spaces and remediation. For this post, please identify three of the writing spaces you use most frequently, discuss their characteristics, and what makes them unique. Then, choose two of those spaces, and using Bolter’s definition of remediation, discuss how one remediates the other (or how they remediate themselves).



            Can be used for internet writing (blogs, etc).

            Can be used for academic writing (research paper, etc)

            Must be used by a computer proficient person.

            Fairly new technology.

            Has not been taught in school for many years.

Rather than forming letters, the user presses keys which communicate to the computer which letter to display.

            Must have appropriate technology.


                        -Power source


                        -Mouse of some sort

                        -Possibly an internet connection


Pen and Paper

            Easily accessible

            Used in schools

            Handwriting is20taught in school

            Letters must be formed by the user’s hand

            A reader may not always be able to translate writing



Cellular phone

            Modeled after the computer

            Cellular phone necessary

            Cellular phone service necessary

            Has own technology ‘lingo’

                        C u l8r, roflmao, etc

            Very small keys used to make letters on screen

            Messages can be saved or instantly sent


The computer has quickly taken the place of pen and paper.  Many believe that this is not a good transition but it’s happening regardless.  Computers are faster, more easily used, can be used for networking, and have the possibility of hypertext.  Pen and paper advocates feel that solely using the computer is bad because this technology is unreliable and takes away from our history.


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